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The Club offers a comprehensive range of sports, recreational, leisure and food & beverage facilities in a total built – up area of 106,049 sq ft. The membership base currently stands at 2700.  There are two classes of Ordinary Shares in the Company namely, Class A Shares, held by the promoters of Sunway Lagoon Club, and Class B Shares, which are owned by members of the Public.

As of 25 September 2005, the issued and paid up capital of Sunway Lagoon Club Berhad is RM 2400,000.00 comprising 20,000 Class A Shares of RM 100 each and 4000 Class B Shares of RM 100 each.

For further enquiries, please call us at Tel: 603-5639 8627 or E-mail: raniamma@sunway.com.my

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