Professional Career

Professional Career

Professional Career

As a conglomerate present in more than 50 locations worldwide, Sunway offers employees the unique potential to develop their careers and hone their skills in any one of its diversified industries including property, construction, healthcare, hospitality, retail, leisure, trading and manufacturing, building materials, education or in real estate investment trust.

| Technical Women @ Sunway

Sunway places great importance on diversity in the workplace. One of the initiatives is the Technical Women Programme which aims to ensure a healthy gender ratio in Engineering-related technical roles at different job levels.

| Job Opportunities

Apart from improved HR policies to include flexible working arrangements and extended maternity leave. Sunway also provides high quality, affordable childcare as part of its commitment to support working parents.

This was achieved through the establishment of a kindergarten and childcare centre via a partnership with R.E.A.L Kids, and with the academic programme commencement in January 2014. Sunway has been offering academic fee discount to the employees.

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