Bandar Sunway – Deputy Minister of Education II, YB Kamalanathan A/L Panchanathan, today presented graduation certificates to 38 students with learning difficulties from SMK Bandar Sunway’s special education class, who graduated from Sunway’s Group’s unique Job Training Programme. Also present was Sunway Group’s Deputy Chairman, Datuk Seri Razman M. Hashim.

The graduation marked the students’ completion of the multifaceted job training programme that spanned over six months. The programme provides hands-on pre-vocational and life skills training with the aim of equipping the students with work and social skills.

Sunway Group’s Job Training Programme had specially been developed to aid those with learning difficulties including Down’s Syndrome, Autism, Williams Syndrome, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The aim of the programme is to ensure that the students involved can maximize their potential and become contributing members of society.

Established in 2006, the programme has since taken in 80 students from various backgrounds and ethnicities. By complementing the students’ special learning classes at SMK Bandar Sunway, the programme provides them the unique opportunity to assume a number of practical jobs in Sunway Medical Centre, Sunway Pyramid, Sunway University and Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa. The jobs offered include Cleanliness Ambassador, Zoo Assistant, Ice Skating Rink Assistant, Chef Trainee, Caterer, and Hospital Assistant.

The students are able to choose a job to their liking for pre-vocational purposes as well as to acquire all the knowledge, experience, and skills attached to these jobs.
They are also allowed to rotate from one job to another if they so wish.

After selecting their apprenticeship, the students are then required to attend pre-vocational classes 3 times a week. The end result is they acquire valuable work experience in actual real-world setting. The programme enhances their employability helping them become more independent and self-sufficient in the future thus teaching the students how to fish instead of providing them with fish.

To help build character and to instill teamwork and competitiveness, one additional day, every Tuesday is reserved for the special-needs students to attend bowling training to become a tournament competitor. A bowling tournament took place on October 24.

Deputy Minister of Education II, YB Kamalanathan A/L Panchanathan, said, “Sunway’s Job Training Programme is unique because it integrates the rich resources available within the township of Sunway City. This results in a curriculum that is industry relevant in both theoretical and practical content.”

Deputy Chairman, Datuk Seri Razman Hashim, said that being a part of the Programme has, in many ways, grown the organisation’s employees.

“What these students learn is invaluable. They see the world with new eyes and the experiences they undergo are life changing. In guiding them, we have also been taught by them about curiosity and creativity, as these young people solve problems in ways we never imagined,” he said.

He shared that the participants of programmes such as this makes Sunway an even better organization, teaching Sunwayians better ways to create communities and enrich more lives in the future.