Sunway Spun Piles

Sunway Spun Piles

Sunway started its spun pile factory in the year 2008 in Zhuhai, China; producing large diameter spun pile of 700 mm to 1400 mm, and up to 55 meters in length. Many of Sunway’s experiences are landmark projects such as Tanjung Priok in Jakarta, ZZY Oil & Gas Terminal in Guangzhou, COSCO Shipyard in Dongguan and West Port in Shenzhen to name a few.

In 2015, Sunway built its first Malaysian spun pile plant at Batang Kali, Selangor, bringing together Asia, Southeast Asia and local Malaysian experiences to benefit its clients locally and globally.

Our Batang Kali plant uses state of the art machinery and technology from Japan, the front-runner in the spun pile industry. Our production is able to produce Grade 80 and 90 High Performance High Strength Pretensioned Spun Concrete Pile (PHC Piles).

Equivalently important, our people bring together more than 40 years of accumulative working experience in this industry. Combined with Sunway’s core values of Integrity, Humility and Excellence we believe in giving nothing but the best to our clients and the industry.


  • Our piles are produced with stringent QC control at each process and complies with the industry and country standards.
  • Our piles can be customised to suit each project’s requirement. Grade 80 or 90 allows for flexibility.
  • Hydraulic jacking method is enviromentally friendly with low noise, vibration and air polution.
  • The prestressing process enables the piles to have higher bending moment capacity as compared to just reinforced concrete.
  • The spinning process compacts the concrete and allows for even distribution of aggregate; resulting in a strong, durable and high corrosion resistant end-product.
  • The steam curing process enables the concrete to mature faster, thus cutting down the delivery period.


  • Marine, ports and wharfs
  • Bridges
  • Flood defences
  • Building and high-rise foundations
  • Civil works

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