First Time Ever, The Museum Comes ALIVE! at Sunway Lagoon!

First Time Ever, The Museum Comes ALIVE! at Sunway Lagoon!

‘Because Scared is the New Happy’

At Sunway Lagoon, ‘scared’ has recently been crowned the new happy with the expansion of the Lynton V Harris’ Scream Park. The latest interactive adventure in the dark has been inspired by the Hollywood blockbuster movie, Night At The Museum 2 : Battle of the Smithsonian.

“Scared is the new happy”, proclaims Scaremaster, Lynton V Harris, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Sudden Impact! Entertainment Company. “With the first year success of the Scream Park attraction at Sunway Lagoon, it was an exciting opportunity to add a new attraction with an exclusive promotional tie-in with the theatrical launch of the sequel to the smash hit, Night At The Museum”, added Harris.

Visitors will meet night guard Larry who will take them through the receiving dock of The Smithsonian Museum after some of his friends from the Museum of Natural History had been shipped from New York to Washington D.C. for storage in the Federal Archives basement. If one can brave through the storage area, they will find themselves in key display areas of the museum that includes the dawn of the Stone Age, Hall of Busts, the Art Gallery, and the hallway to the Gate of Kahmunrah – Door to the Underworld. Hopefully they will complete the journey and get back to daylight!

The new attraction is a major addition to the current Lynton V Harris’ Scream Park at Sunway Lagoon. “We are extremely excited to expand the Scream Park into Phase 2, as we believe this new attraction will provide even more ‘scare’ value to the audiences. We want people to come out thinking that their overall experience was fun and cool. However if they get really scared that’s an added bonus to us”, said the Scaremaster himself, Harris.

“The scare experience will now last at least 20 minutes or for some, a lifetime. Patrons will began at the ANGOSCIA Theater of FEAR before moving onto Terror Tunnel in 3D, ‘Rumah Hantu’ in 3DX and then Prison Break LIVE!, where inmates will discreetly surprise patrons who are desperately trying to find their way out. But once the audiences break free, further scary moments await them when they spend the night (or day) in the museum!” Harris added.

“Sunway Lagoon has always believed in partnering with the best to bring the ultimate experience to all visitors. This particular venture with The Sudden Impact! Entertainment Company is yet another showcase of collaboration with Asia’s Best Attraction teamed up with the best in entertainment”, commented Aaron Soo, Chief Executive Officer of Sunway Lagoon

To ensure the total scare factor is flawless, all actors undergo a week-long programme called Scare School TM, designed specifically to turn everyday people into creatures that will frighten the daylights out of anybody who visits Lynton V Harris’ Scream Park at Sunway Lagoon.

SCREAM PARK at Sunway Lagoon is the creation of The Sudden Impact! Entertainment Company Chairman and CEO, Lynton V Harris. The New York based company has enjoyed significant success with the unique scare attraction format around the world. The Scream Park is a joint venture between Sunway Lagoon and The Sudden Impact! Entertainment Company.