Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah’s personal vision of giving back to society through education crystallised a timeless commitment to benefit young Malaysians

Bandar Sunway – The Jeffrey Cheah Foundation awarded scholarships across 20 categories to a total of 879 students in two separate ceremonies held concurrently at Sunway University and at Monash University Sunway campus recently. The ceremony at Sunway University was graced by Guest of Honour, Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah, AO, Founding Trustee of the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation (the “Foundation”), whose speech was also telecast live to the Monash University Sunway Campus.

“Sown with a vision of progress and nurturing the seeds of wisdom, the Foundation yields a legacy of hope, providing deserving individuals access to quality education while driving the development of Malaysia into a regional centre of excellence in tertiary education,” said Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Jeffrey Cheah, Founding Trustee of the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation.

Since its inception in 1997, the Foundation, previously known as the Sunway Education Trust Fund, has been perpetuating the cause of giving through education, granting RM80 million in scholarships to 11,000 deserving Malaysians. This year, the Foundation has awarded scholarships to students totaling RM20 million, impacting the lives of 2,423 students.

The Foundation, founded by Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Jeffrey Cheah, reflects his passion for education and belief that education becomes more meaningful when it acts as an effective means to enrich and contribute to the progress of our country. It crystallised one man’s vision into a timeless commitment to benefit future generations and is a unique and a first-of-its-kind structure in Malaysia within the field of private higher education. Today, the Foundation is able to continue in perpetuity, safeguarding the interests of the Sunway Education Group for the purpose of providing and sustaining quality education for present and future generations of students.

Elizabeth Lee, Executive Director of the Sunway Education Group said, “We are here today because of the vision of one man. Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr Jeffrey Cheah’s passion for education and belief that all deserving students, regardless of their background should have a right to quality education, has led to the establishment of a world-class university and the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation.”

The Jeffrey Cheah Foundation Scholarship Programme offers deserving students an opportunity to pursue quality tertiary education regardless of their background. The Tun Dato’ Seri Omar Ong Community Scholarship best embodies this principle, as it offers youths from homes and underprivileged communities an opportunity to change their lives for the better and leave their mark in the world as contributing members of society. This scholarship was awarded to eight recipients totaling RM380,000 at the ceremony recently.

“This scholarship will help me achieve my dream of furthering my tertiary studies. If it was not for this scholarship, I would not have the means to attend a university, let alone a world-class institution such as Sunway University. I want to sincerely thank Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah for his foresight and for setting up the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation. It is because of him that I have a chance to grow and be in a position to give back to society as he has done,” said Richard Navindran, one of the eight recipients of the Tun Dato’ Seri Omar Ong Community Scholarship.

This year, a new scholarship category – the Sunway Talent – Music Scholarship – was introduced, with 4 students receiving it in its inaugural year. Together with the Sunway Talent – Sports Scholarship, this new music scholarship is in line with the aims of the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation to hone the non-academic talent of outstanding students and encourage Malaysian youths to be all-rounded individuals.

Through the work done by the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation and in his personal capacity, Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Jeffrey Cheah supports the government’s drive to grow the education industry in Malaysia as the country transforms itself into a high income nation.

Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah has made donations to several educational institutions including SJK(C) Chee Wen, where more than RM4m has been donated including the RM1.2m which was recently raised at a Charity Fundraising Dinner hosted by the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation; Pusing Chinese School which received RM1.5m for the construction of their school hall; Klang Convent School which received RM1.3m for the repair of their school; RM3m for building of SRK Bandar Sunway when the contractor abandoned the construction work of the school; and SMJK Yuk Choi in Ipoh whose new school building will be completed at the end of this year following a RM1m donation.

Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah is committed to contributing to the development of our nation and believes that through providing quality education and equipping youths with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed, Malaysia can attain its aspirations.

“Monash University Sunway campus and the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation are extremely proud to be able to present these gifts once again to our best and brightest. We look forward to their continued success in university and beyond,” says Professor Robin Pollard, Monash University Sunway campus Pro Vice-Chancellor and President.

More information on the Jeffrey Cheah Scholarship Programme, including application forms and criteria for eligibility can be found at the Foundation website at