Bandar Sunway – In conjunction with Sunway Group’s media night which was held at Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa’s F&B outlet, New Orleans, Datuk Seri Razman M. Hashim, Deputy Chairman of the Sunway Group, announced the provision of media scholarships offered by the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation to journalists.

The media scholarships, the first of its kind offered by a property developer in Malaysia, will contribute towards the development of media professionals in the country, by offering quality education which is backed by a stable of excellent institutions of higher learning under the Sunway Education Group.

“The media plays a crucial role in shaping our community and culture. Today, more than ever, the media plays a constructive and pivotal role in creating new, progressive and socially-minded corporations that focuses on innovating and creating value in many new ways that addresses society’s most pressing needs,” said Datuk Seri Razman during his speech at the Sunway Media Nite.

The media scholarships will facilitate the nurturing of qualified and well-equipped media communication specialists and thereby contribute towards the development of professionals in the media industry in Malaysia, and to provide financial assistance to qualified and deserving candidates by way of scholarship.

Datuk Seri Razman further added that, “Sunway believes that this is a revolutionary role that Sunway has an opportunity to be part of, as a business that gives back as well as a business that runs leading institutions of higher education. The media scholarships, we feel, is an apt and timely contribution that we can make to the development of the media industry in the country. Sunway has been fortunate to have the consistent and continuous support of the Malaysian media since the conglomerate first started out in 1974 as a humble mining company”.

“We have come a long way, and this year the Sunway Education Group is celebrating its 25th year anniversary which makes it an opportune time to give back to our media friends who have contributed greatly to our success,” said Datuk Seri Razman at the media appreciation night.

To qualify for the media scholarship, applicant needs to be Malaysian journalists and photojournalists below 45 years of age with a minimum of three years work experience, demonstrate good academic and employment record, demonstrate the potential to successfully complete the proposed programme of study and contribute positively towards the industry, and demonstrate financial need to pursue further studies.

Eligible candidates, which will be determined by the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation and Sunway Group Corporate Communications, will be allocated financial support to cover the scholar for full tuition and general fees worth up to RM100,000 throughout the degree programme. The scholarship offered is for any discipline in Sunway University and applicants must meet admission criteria of programme selected. Post-graduate studies in communication and media will be considered on a case-to-case basis given that journalists may already have a first degree.