Petaling Jaya – DCP Dato’ Haji Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah, Chief Police of Selangor, today launched the “Safe Reunion” campaign at the Sunway Pyramid shopping mall in Bandar Sunway in conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations.

Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr Jeffrey Cheah, AO, Chairman, MCPF Selangor Chapter; Datuk Razman M. Hashim and Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam, MCPF Selangor Chapter Advisors; Dato’ Eddie Chen, Honorary Treasurer, MCPF Malaysia; Datuk Christopher Wan See Kee, EXCO, MCPF Malaysia; and SAC Dato’ A. Thaiveegan, Deputy Chief Police Officer of Selangor, were also in attendance.

The “Safe Reunion” campaign is spearheaded by MCPF Selangor in partnership with Sunway Group and PDRM to promote a safe Chinese New Year for the public. The campaign is part of an ongoing effort to promote public awareness for safety and security measures during festive seasons.

For the campaign, 150 attendees from seven Resident Associations from the Police District of Subang Jaya, Serdang, Petaling Jaya and Puchong participated in the campaign.

The representatives and the Residents Associations and patrons of the mall were also given “Leaving Home Forms” to fill. The forms are intended for residents to alert the police of their absence during the festive season to ensure that their homes are kept safe while they are away. The police will use the forms to effectively systemize their patrolling, thus curbing opportunistic crimes.

Dato’ Haji Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah, Chief Police of Selangor, said that the “Balik Kampung Safety Campaign” will contribute towards fostering closer ties between the community and the Selangor police while educating individuals to take responsibility to practice good safety habits for themselves.

“As corporations and authorities work together to curb crime, we want to invite everyone to take responsibility for their own security,” he said at the launch today.
The public were also handed goodie bags and informational pamphlets which offers useful information on how to ensure that they are protected when they are away.

They were also encouraged to join Rakan Cop, a community policing initiative in collaboration with the Royal Malaysian Police. All the public need do is to register with Rakan Cop by sending an SMS message from their phone with the message “RC DAFTAR ” and send it to 32728 and the sender will receive the Rakan Cop code via SMS.

Thereafter, registered individuals can submit alerts of suspicious activities, accidents, traffic jams or other problems to the police anonymously, which will direct a patrol car to the scene within 15 minutes or even faster in some cases.

RAKAN COP is targeting to increase its membership to 100,000 from the current 88,000 members.

For members of the public who would like to fill up a “Leaving Home Form”, they are advised to head to the nearest police station where they can obtain a copy of the form and the booklets on personal safety.

Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr Jeffrey Cheah, AO, Chairman, MCPF Selangor Chapter, also Chairman and Founder of the Sunway Group said that the Group will lend its continuous support as a socially responsible corporation to help decrease crime rates.

He further urged the public to take safety and security into their own hands by participating in similar campaigns.

“The Government and private corporations have invested much finances, time and effort to build safe communities for the public. However, it is imperative that the community understands that safety is a shared responsibility. Programmes such as RAKAN COP and Safe Reunion are great, but will only be effective when the public agrees to participate. I urge for everyone to choose to work together to fight crime. Only then will these initiatives be truly effective not just as tools but live programmes that deliver results.”