Chief Police of Selangor, DCP Dato’ Khalid Abu Bakar today launched the “Safe Shopping” campaign in conjunction with the “Balik Kampung Safety Campaign” at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall in Bandar Sunway. The launch was witnessed by Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye, Vice Chairman I, MCPF Malaysia along with Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr Jeffrey Cheah, AO, Chairman, MCPF Selangor Chapter.

The two campaigns, which will run simultaneously, are spearheaded by the Malaysian Crime Prevention Society (MCPF) Selangor Chapter and Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall to promote safe shopping during the festive season.

Chief Police of Selangor, DCP Dato’ Khalid Abu Bakar said that the Balik Kampung Safety Campaign will continue to contribute towards fostering closer ties between communities and the police while educating individuals to practice good safety habits for themselves.

“We applaud MCPF Selangor and the Sunway Group for the proactive efforts taken in community safety awareness initiatives for every festive occasion in this township,” he said.

He underlined that even though corporations and authorities are successfully working together to curb crime, it is imperative that individuals take responsibility for their own security.

“This Campaign will empower individuals with the right knowledge while the government and the corporations provide facilities and services that help enhance safety,” he added.

During the duration of the Campaign, MCPF will distribute booklets to the public on tips for personal safety. A “Leaving Home Form” or a “Borang Maklumam Meninggalkan Rumah” will also be made available at all police stations and police information kiosks. Families and individuals who are leaving town are advised to inform the police of their absence by filling out the form, enabling more effective patrolling.

For the “Safe Shopping Campaign,” Sunway Pyramid will feature security escorts for the ladies, smart chip patrols, car park buggy service, bicycle patrols in the car park, and strategic CCTV cameras. Sunway Pyramid’s existing tourist and auxiliary police force will ensure the safety measures are in place.

Individuals are also invited to ensure their own safety even at the entrance of the mall as safety tips and reminders are printed on the entrance tickets. The new safety hotline number is also printed on the card. With the hotline, security escorts for ladies will be just a phone call away. Ladies can also request for assistance by approaching any security personnel.

The smart chip patrol upgrades the existing mall patrol to an elevated level of organization. Smart chips are placed throughout the mall and will be scanned using a handheld device whenever a security guard passes its location. The information is then captured by a computer system which generates information on patrolling activity and timing, ensuring top precision in terms of coverage with the mall patrol.

Another feature of the campaign is the car park buggy service, which is available during mall operation hours. It enables customers to move from one point to another quickly, preventing “opportunity crimes” on unsuspecting patrons.

Sunway Pyramid’s Security Hotline is open to mall patrons. The 24 hour hotline is connected to all the security personnel on duty. This hotline will be featured on car park tickets, signages within car park and the mall. Safety tips will also be featured on car park tickets to educate customers and provide them with reminders.

“There is usually more traffic and influx of shoppers during the festive period and we want to ensure that our shoppers receive the most out of their shopping experience. With the hotline, we will be able to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our ardent shoppers.” said Mr. Kevin Tan, Chief Operating Officer of Sunway Pyramid.