MCPF Selangor educates youth on crime prevention

MCPF Selangor educates youth on crime prevention

In conjunction with the Crime Prevention Month (CPC), which is designated for July, the Selangor chapter of the Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation (MCPF) hosted a crime prevention programme, entitled “Ayuh!!! Jom Cegah Jenayah.”

The initiative is the state’s youth rallying effort, as part of the Federal MCPF crime prevention campaign, which was launched by the Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Dato’ Haji Muhyiddin Yassin, in Malacca on July 23.

The programme sought to meet five main objectives: to create awareness on crime prevention as a joint responsibility, to assist the police in providing information in order to combat crime, to encourage the public to subscribe to “Rakan Cop,” to educate the youth on rape prevention and to educate them on the prevention of car theft.

Yang Di Hormati YDH Dato’ Haji Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah, Chief Police of Selangor launched the programme, which was held at the Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre, along with Deputy Chairman of Sunway Group, YBhg Datuk Razman M. Hashim.

Datuk Razman Hashim said that it is educational efforts such as this which will effectively contribute to safeguard the security of the communities.

“Through MCPF’s Selangor Chapter, the Sunway Group, as a responsible corporate citizen is making a consistent effort to serve its communities by constantly adding to the security facilities and personnel that we have to safeguard the people. However, the police and corporations cannot optimize their effectiveness in combating crime unless there’s an active partnership between us and the community,” he said.

“It is joint educational programmes such as these where we can cultivate a relationship between communities, police and corporations where we can jointly analyse and design appropriate solutions towards crime reduction. I am glad to see that our community partners have demonstrated today, a willingness and good faith in holding productive discourse and to take account of the challenges that we face together,” he added.

The programme attracted about 1,000 participants comprising the youth, secondary school children from 14 secondary schools in Selangor, undergraduates from tertiary education institutions, Resident Association members, the Police Wives Association, the business circles, NGOs and Rela members.

Security expert exhibitors chipped in to make the programme more eventful with their displays and demonstrations of vehicle and premises anti-theft gadgets. The youth participants included Rakan Muda members, secondary school children, undergraduates from various public institutions and private tertiary institutions, as well as Residents’ Association members who gained insight into crime prevention and took the opportunity to ask relevant questions and also share their views.

A rape prevention demonstration and talk was conducted by the International Executive Security Protection (IESP) which empowered the participants with the ability to be prepared mentally when confronted by criminals. Participants will not panic and be able to face the criminals calmly for evasive actions. Speakers from the PDRM gave an overview on crime prevention, with useful tips.

To add to the learning experience, two courageous volunteers shared their real life stories with the participants. An ex-addict from Pengasih recounted his/her heart-rending life as a drug abuser, imparting to the participants a greater understanding of the tribulations caused by addiction as well as first-hand advice on how to seek assistance. An ex-convict on parole recounted his life of crime, and his moving realizations gained from doing time in the penitentiary.

At the end of the session, questionnaires were given to the attendees to gauge their understanding of the programme.