Procurement Registration E-Form

Procurement Registration E-Form

All columns should be properly filled in the space provided for. Wherever it is not applicable, please write “N/A”. Incomplete or incorrect forms may not be considered.

Note: As required by Malaysian law, Sunway is committed in protecting your personal data.

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Section 1: Company Detail & General Information

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Account Administration Information

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Type of Business (Check only one) Sole ProprietorPartnershipSubsidiaryPrivate LimitedRelated PartyOthers

Nature of Business
(If you check “Agent”, “Dealer” or “Distributor” , please provide proof or certificate(s) from your manufacturer(s) that you are authorized to offer their products.)
ManufacturerTraderSub-ContractorMarketingDistributorRetailerDealerSole DistributorService ProviderAgentOthers

List of Authorized Products / Brands

Product / Brand Name

No. of Full Time Employees

Licencing / Registration Authority PKKJKRPAMJabatan BombaTNBSIRIMKementerian KewanganCIDBISO 9000Others

Section 2: Financial Information

Authorised Capital (RM)

Paid-up Capital (RM)

Name(s) of Bankers

Turnover / Annual Sales (RM) - Current Year

Turnover / Annual Sales (RM) - Last Year

ROA - Current Year

ROA - Last Year

Current Ratio - Current Year

Current Ratio - Last Year

Profit After Tax (RM) - Current Year

Profit After Tax (RM) - Last Year

** Mandatory documents submission – certified copy of Form 9 or 13 and Form 49.

Section 3: Technical Standing of the Firm

List of Technical Personnel with Qualification in permanent employment of the firm.



Year of Service



Quality Assurance Certification (e.g ISO 9000 or equivalent) Yes (Please send hard copy of your latest certification to our mailing address)No

International Offices / Representation (Countries where the Company has local offices/representation)

Information on Goods/Services

List below, up to seven (7) of your core Goods / Services offered

Section 5: Experience

Please list present customers with names since last three years.

Name of Customer

Goods & Service Supplied

Contact Person

Contact No.

To which countries has your company exported and/or managed projects over the last 3 years?

Section 6: Declaration of Interest

Disclosure is required in the interest of fairness and transparency.

Are your company presently in the service with any of the Sunway Group Companies? YesNo

If yes, please furnish the company name

Have your company been in the service of Sunway Group of Companies for the past, tweleve months? YesNo

If yes, please furnish the company name

Do you have any relationship (family, friend, or other) with persons in the service of Sunway Group of Companies? YesNo

If yes, please furnish name an relationship

Are any of your company's directors, managers, principle shareholders or stakeholders in service of Sunway Group of Companies? YesNo

If yes, please furnish particulars