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Jeffrey Cheah Distinguished Professors

Building Strong Ties for Success

A joint research effort to combat the COVID-19 pandemic between Sunway-backed institutions, as well as the establishment of the Jeffrey Cheah Distinguished Professors both exemplify Sunway’s ongoing efforts to raise the bar and push the boundaries of intellectual excellence. Sunway University has been a shining beacon of academic eminence within the region. It is located at the heart of Sunway City Kuala Lumpur, a living lab equipped with a thriving ecosystem where ideas are developed and turned into sustainable solutions.
Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah AO

“Quo vadis” the post-pandemic world?

On 11 March 2020, the World Health Organisation declared Covid-19 as a global pandemic. It was merely an official acknowledgement of the reality that nations and populations were already experiencing.
A cross-collaboration between Sunway Medical Centre, Sunway iLabs and fellow Malaysians to create a COVID-19 testing pod

Sunway Installs Contactless COVID-19 Testing Pod to Protect Healthcare Workers

Sunway Medical Centre and Sunway iLabs recently built a contactless COVID-19 testing pod,...
Myth Coronavirus

Five Coronavirus Myths You Need to Stop Believing

By Jane Lee Hui Yee, Sunway Group Brand Marketing & Communications 
Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Centre

Research Institute at Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Centre Leads Global Efforts in...

Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Centre is at the forefront of the UK’s research on coronavirus (COVID-19)
One of the speakers and mentors of eCommerce Jumpstart Programme, Nadhir Ashafiq, Co-Founder and Executive Director of TheLorry.

Looking to Scale Your Business Online? Get started with eCommerce Jump-start...

By Triningsih Ngadimun, Sunway Group Brand Marketing & Communications
covid - spread compassion

Spread Compassion, Not Fear

As the world maneuvers the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, everyone should show more compassion and kindness to help ease the devastating effects of the crisis.

The Cape of Good Hope

By Kishen Alex Raj, Sunway Group Brand Marketing & Communications

#KitaJagaKita: You Don’t Have to be Rich to Make a Difference

While some of us are “bored out of our minds” being stuck at home during this Movement Control Order (MCO) period, some are struggling to put food on the table for their families Holding true to the saying charity begins at home, we stepped up to the plate to help our own colleagues weather through this storm. #kitajagakita

Cities Sleep, Mother Nature Heals

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is causing a lot of fear, anxiety and sadness in the world. Since January this year, thousands worldwide have died from the virus as it wreaks havoc on our healthcare systems, the economy and our social lives. But as humans retreat for safety, nature is beginning to flourish. Reports show that air pollution has decreased and animals are taking over our cities, finding silver linings in times of despair.