SunMed Clinic hosts free health screenings

SunMed Clinic hosts free health screenings

Bandar Sunway – Sunway Medical Centre’s SunMed Clinic at Pyramid hosted free health screenings for 40 children from the Yayasan Nursalam (Chow Kit) recently. The health screenings were conducted by Sunway Medical Centre and SunMed Clinic team as part of Sunway Medical Centre’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.

Most of these children are of Myanmarese descent and mixed parentage with a few of them being orphans from various homes. The 40 children were provided free health screenings comprising checks related to their height, weight, vision, dental and tests related to HIV, full blood count (FBC), Hepatitis B Antibody screening and body mass index (BMI). The children were also given deworming tablets.

“Due to their circumstances, the children are socially withdrawn and undernourished. However they are very intelligent and good looking kids. They are also socially and mentally deprived of what other regular children have. I feel very blessed and happy that I am able to help these children even though in a small way. The smiles on their faces when they say thank you can really touch you,” said Dr Shiamala Devi, Senior Manager CMS.

During the two-hour session, the Sunway Medical team were on hand to gently comfort some of the children who cried during the blood test; as many of them are fragile and are not used to health screenings.

Dr Shiamala will develop a one-page report for each child that is examined and these reports will be sent to their guardians at the Yayasan Nursalam.

Dr Shiamala also recommended, “Apart from the health screening, these children should also receive immunization or booster doses for their wellbeing.”

SunMed Clinic at Sunway Pyramid is an extension of the staff health / primary care services within the main hospital. Since its opening in November 2009, it is envisioned that the SunMed Clinic will play a pivotal role in the development of public health and chronic disease management policies and strategies as well as global health and local public health initiatives.