Sunway contributes RM150,000 to develop nation's first safety mobile app

Sunway contributes RM150,000 to develop nation’s first safety mobile app

In conjunction with the launch of Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation (MCPF) Selangor Chapter’s “Balik Kampung Rumah Selamat” safety campaign for the festive season at Sunway Pyramid, the Sunway Group had handed over its contribution of RM150,000 to the Royal Malaysian Police for the development of a first of its kind safety mobile application.

YDH Dato’ Sri Khalid bin Abu Bakar, Deputy Inspector General of Police received the contribution from YBhg Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr Jeffrey Cheah, AO, Chairman of MCPF Selangor and also Founder and Chairman of Sunway Group; and in turn passed it to YDH Dato’ Hj Tun Hisan Bin Dato’ Hj Tun Hamzah, Chief Police of Selangor.

Named “MyDistress,” the application will enable the public to make reports through their smartphones which will then be instantly sent to the police control centre. This would allow the police to make their way to the reported location quicker. This application would hasten the police’s reaction time in making their way to the crime scene. The application will also be equipped with a Vehicle Tracking System. The application, the first in Malaysia will be launched in eight districts in Selangor, namely Petaling Jaya, Gombak, Shah Alam, Subang Jaya, North Klang, South Klang, Serdang and Ampang Jaya.

The application, which uses the geolocation approach to identify the location of the distressed individual, will prompt the nearest police personnel to come to rescue. It is particularly useful in direly stressful situations where the callers may not know their location, or cannot describe their location well during emergency situations, or may not be able to enunciate the cause of their emergency due to life-endangering situations.

When the user-friendly “Help” button is depressed, information will be sent to police headquarters immediately to be processed and enable the individual to be tracked through the phone. In the instances that the distressed person is being moved from place to place, for example, in kidnapping cases, the application will also be able to record the movements for the police to track the journey.

The mobile application’s multi-address feature also allows the user to key in much frequented places, such as the home, or the office, so that a quick call for help is just a button away. Additionally, the application also lists down all PDRM contacts in the state of Selangor for quick and easy reference.

YDH Dato’ Sri Khalid bin Abu Bakar, Deputy Inspector General of Police, said that the application will be made available in Selangor first. Each of the patrol cars under the Selangor contingent will be equipped with smart phones.

“We developed the application by studying the nature of the emergency calls which we receive. In some situations, the caller has difficulty explaining to the operator his or her location, and in others, callers do not have the ability to speak clearly because of the situation at hand. The application overrides these hurdles and the police can then respond immediately,” he said.

“We are proud to be able to contribute to the development of this ground-breaking application which is certain to gain leverage for the National Key Review (Result) Area of Crime Prevention. In emergency situations, every second counts, and this innovative approach will help save lives,” said Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah, speaking at the event.

The contribution was made as part of the Sunway Group’s Safe City initiative which is the corporation’s ongoing effort since its launch in 2001. Sunway Group currently has 800 security personnel including 250 Auxiliary Police, and continuously sponsors security equipment, facilities, CCTV cameras as well as a K9 unit to safeguard its communities.

Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah added that the nation’s security and safety aims can only be achieved with the participation of the entire community. He urged individuals to arm themselves with the appropriate knowledge so that they can prevent crime from happening.

The DIG will be handing over the “Leave Home Forms” to all the OCPDs in Selangor for the incoming Hari Raya period during this program. Members of the public who are leaving home for the festive season are requested to fill up the “Leave Home Forms” to ensure that the police patrolling the area could keep a closer watch on their property during their patrol rounds.

Individuals were also recommended to join the RAKAN Cop community policing organization. To join the participant will just need to send an SMS message from their phone with the message “RC DAFTAR” and send it to 32728. RAKAN Cop also has a Facebook page and a Twitter page for easy reference.

The event also featured a special cultural performance in the spirit of Hari Raya and a short talk by the Police on important safety tips for the festive season. Representing the Police, ASP Foo Chek Seng shared simple tips with participants to help safeguard their properties while they are away and during their way to and fro.

The public will be able to register with RAKAN Cop, pick up the “Leave Home Forms,” and obtain information on child safety kits from Kawalan Keselamatan Anak Anak Kita (KAKAK) from Sunway Pyramid’s Main Concourse Area. The KAKAK kit is a pack that contains information about your child’s DNA, measurements, scars and other vital details which could be handed over to the police in case the child goes missing. Besides the safety and security booths, there will also be Ramadhan bazaar for shoppers.