Bandar Sunway – Sunway Paving Solutions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sunway Berhad, has announced the launch of “NeuPave,” a new paving solution for the construction industry that utilizes the latest concretetechnology.

A breakthrough product for the construction industry, the pavers are unique from the traditional hardscape paving which are not water-permeable, and only allows water to run-off their hard surfaces, and subsequently to the nearest drainage channel.

The “NeuPave” pavers, manufactured with the environment in mind, are designed to be porous, therefore, water-permeable, allowing water to seep through the material to the soil underneath. The company is the first to manufacture this type of pavers in Malaysia.

Besides contributing to flood reduction, “NeuPave“ also reduces erosion caused by flooding, promotes groundwater recharge, reinforces and stabilizes soil, as well as improves water quality by trapping and treating pollutants. “NeuPave” is ideal for usage in irrigation techniques as well as landscaping techniques.

Some usages of ‘NeuPave’ in construction includes light to medium vehicular traffic pavement, parking lots, driveways, back lane,pedestrian paths, lay-bys, bicycle paths, pool decks, jogging and buggy tracks, and emergency vehicle access lanes, amongst others.
Dato’ Chew Chee Kin, CEO, Sunway Berhad, at the launch of “NeuPave” at the Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa today, said that the product is an important development, particularly for equatorial countries which experience heavy rainfall.

The technology of “NeuPave” was developed by Sunway Paving Solutions’ in-house Research and Development division. The R&D department spent three and a half years to develop it in China and have supplied it to Shanghai EXPO in year 2010. Currently the product is being manufactured in China and Malaysia.

‘NeuPave’ can benefit property developers as the use of NeuPave provides about seventeen (17) Green Building Index Points:

  • Stormwater management – up to 3 pts.
  • Recycled Material Content – 1 pt.
  • Regional Materials – 1 pt.
  • Rainwater Harvesting – up to 4pts.
  • Water Recycling – up to 2 pts.
  • Water Efficient Landscaping – up to 2 pts.
  • Water Efficient Fittings – up to 4 pts.

“The introduction of the technologically advanced ‘NeuPave’ brand strengthens the synergistic benefits between Sunway Berhad’s property and construction core businesses, allowing us to cater to the ever-evolving needs of the construction industry,” he added.

He said that the usage of “NeuPave,” would help minimise construction costs in the long run, increase productivity and profitability, and contribute to the high-standards of quality and environmental sustainability upheld by the Malaysian construction industry and nation as a whole.

He added that the introduction of the “NeuPave” brand strengthens the synergistic benefits between Sunway Berhad’s property and construction core businesses in Malaysia.

“I am happy that Sunway has launched the NeuPave. It is a fantastic product with fine and rough finishing and it offers a wide range of choices as well. I will be using it in my upcoming projects in Kajang and Ipoh especially at junctions where cars can make turns safely as the NeuPave provides better grip and avoid glare and water ponding,” said Hoi Soon Peng from S.P. Hoi Akitek.

Sunway Paving Solution will debut ‘NeuPave’ at the 13th International Architecture, Interior Design & Building Exhibition, Malaysia (ARCHIDEX ’12) in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from 4th to 7th July at Hall 6, Booth No. 6078 and 6080.