Sunway Spun Pile (Zhuhai) Co Ltd, a leading supplier of large spun piles in Southern China and the building materials division of the Sunway Group, has inked a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), with major spun pile manufacturer, Concrete Engineering Products Berhad (CEPCO) to further strengthen their combined market presence in Asia and to build a sustainable competitive advantage for both companies.

Sunway Spun Pile (Zhuhai) Co. Ltd., has an established presence in China, and specialises in the design, manufacturing, and sales of pre-stressed high strength concrete (PHC) piles from 700 mm to 1,400 mm diameter.

At present, Sunway Spun Pile owns the single largest production line for pre-stressed high strength concrete (PHC spun piles) in Southern China with an annual capacity of 500,000m. In addition to having the majority market share in South China, Sunway Spun Pile is the only manufacturer of super large pipe piles that is capable of producing a single pipe measuring 55m long. Sunway Spun Pile is also the only foreign company that have been awarded a Grade 2 Production License from the China Construction Bureau which qualifies the company to produce large diameter and super long PHC spun pile in the Southern China region.

CEPCO is in the business of manufacturing and sales of pre-tensioned spun concrete piles and poles and has a wide presence in Malaysia and ASEAN countries for the manufacture of spun piles ranging from 250mm to 1,000mm diameter. CEPCO is also a major player in the spun pile market, whereby their major customers are Tenaga Nasional Berhad and Telekom Malaysia.

Currently, CEPCO exports substantial quantities of its pre-stressed spun pile to overseas markets including Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Myanmar and the Gulf Region.

The MOA is the first step for both companies to achieve synergistic wins by combining resources in their respective markets. With the collaboration, both companies will be able to offer an improved and wider range of products to their existing clientele, promote and develop new markets for their combined range of products, as well as provide a competitive edge to similar products through aggressive research and development.

Lee Soong Hwa, CEO of Sunway Spun Pile (Zhuhai) Co. Ltd., said, “Through the combination of our combined experience and expertise in the building materials industry, we will be able to share our research and development knowledge and develop buildings materials of enhanced quality for the benefit of the Asian market.”

Leong Kway Wah, Managing Director of CEPCO, further added that the synergy is a major step towards working with the Sunway Group. In this proposed collaboration, various aspects of our business are also expected to achieve improvements, as well as jointly opening new available markets and customers to both parties.

The partnership will also look into developing the building material markets in emerging Vietnam and Myanmar. Vietnam is one of the world’s most dynamic emerging markets, with construction being one of the most important industries in Vietnam to cater to its fast expanding urbanization process. Similarly, the Myanmar construction industry has increased in value rapidly bolstered by the increasing number of investment opportunities in energy and public infrastructure projects, inflow of foreign direct investment, the government’s increasing expenditure on public infrastructure and the rising demand for housing.