The Company was incorporated in Malaysia on 14 August 1989 as a Private Limited Company, and subsequently changed its name to Sunway Lagoon Resort Sdn Bhd on 12 November 1993.

On 25 February 1993, the Company was converted to a Public Listed Company, and assumed the name of Sunway Lagoon Resort Berhad. The purpose of this move was to offer members of the public an opportunity to participate in the equity of the Company, which was intended to be a profit-making enterprise, and to entitle its Class B Shareholders or nominees to become members of the Club.

On 4 June 1997, the Company was renamed Sunway Lagoon Club Berhad, with its principal activities of providing sports and recreational facilities for its share-holding members.

Sunway Lagoon Club is a subsidiary of Sunway City Berhad, a member of the Sunway Group of companies. The Club offers a comprehensive range of sports, recreational, leisure and food & beverage facilities in a total built – up area of 106,049 sq ft. The membership base currently stands at 2700.

There are two classes of Ordinary Shares in the Company namely, Class A Shares, held by the promoters of Sunway Lagoon Club, and Class B Shares, which are owned by members of the Public.

As of 25 September 2005, the issued and paid up capital of Sunway Lagoon Club Berhad is RM 2400,000.00 comprising 20,000 Class A Shares of RM 100 each and 4000 Class B Shares of RM 100 each.