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               FIVE                                                      Myth: Sunlight kills

               CORONAVIRUS                                               coronavirus

               MYTHS                                                     •  Sunlight  contains  three
                                                                           types  of  ultraviolet  light  -
                                                                           UVA, which tans your skin
                                                                           and can cause eye damage;
               YOU NEED TO STOP                                            UVB, which burns and
                                                                           also ages skin; and UVC,
                                                                           which is “the most harmful
                                                                           one” because it is used to
               BELIEVING                                                 •   A concentrated form of UVC is now on the front line in the fight
                                                                           destroy genetic material.
                                                                           against COVID-19. In China, whole buses are being disinfected by
                                                                           the ghostly blue light each night.
                                                                         •   However, exposing yourself to the sun or to temperatures
                  Myth: Eating garlic,                                     higher than 25ºc does not kill the virus.
                  onion, as well as
                  drinking hot water
                  help keep the
                  virus away                                              Myth: I can contract coronavirus from
                                                                          a package sent from China
                    •   Although garlic is a
                    popular  flu  remedy                                  Fact: World Health Organization (WHO) stressed that there is no
                    in traditional Chinese                                risk of contamination by the novel coronavirus when receiving a
                    medicine and may have                                 package from China.
                    some antimicrobial properties, there is no evidence that garlic
                    will protect people from the coronavirus.
                  •   Drinking hot water to kill the virus can also be misleading.
                    Coronavirus can be killed in water at 56ºc or higher after 30
                    minutes, but it is impossible for the human body to lift its
                    temperature to 56ºc. Not only drinking hot water does not help,
                    it also hurts your oesophagus.

                  Myth: You can make your own
                  hand sanitiser with whiskey and vodka                   Myth: Some claim 5G can suppress
                                                                          the immune system, thus making
                                      •  Hand sanitiser that contains at   people more susceptible to catching the
                                        least 60% alcohol works as a      virus
                                        substitute to soap and water,                    Fact:
                                        according to Centers for Disease                 •  Viruses  cannot travel  via radio waves/
                                        Control and Prevention.                           mobile  networks.  COVID-19  is  spreading
                                      •  However, the alcohol available at                in many countries that do not have 5G
                                        our local stores has been diluted                 mobile networks.
                                        with water for consumption, but                  •  Dr Simon  Clarke, associate professor in
                                        that also means it is no longer                   cellular microbiology at the University of
                                        strong enough to kill microbes or                 Reading told BBC News, “The 5G radio
                                        function as a hand sanitiser.                     waves are tiny and they are nowhere
                                                                                          near strong enough to affect the
                                                                                          immune system.”

                 Always verify information before sharing them to your family and friends. False information can induce unnecessary panic. You may follow the Ministry of Health on
                 Facebook and Twitter for verified updates on the COVID-19 outbreak in Malaysia.
                 Information extracted from WHO, The Star, BBC News and China Daily.

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