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                 THE NEW NORMAL IN                                                          HEIGHTENED HYGIENE

                                                                                            AWARENESS AND
                 COVID-19                                                                   Moving forward, there will be greater hygiene
                                                                                            SOCIAL DISTANCING

                                                                                            awareness among the people, particularly in
                                                                                            hand washing and not touching one’s face,
                                                                                            as well as new norms of social distancing
                                                                                            and mask-wearing in public, said Sunway
                                                                                            Medical Centre, clinical services COO Dr
                                                                                            Ang Kong Hui.
                  J  ust a year ago, terms like social   As of July 28, more than 16.6 million people had   When the RMCO is lifted, Malaysians should
                                               contracted COVID-19 in 188 territories, with over
                                                                                            not let their guard down but continue to
                     handwashing were unheard of in
                                               656,000 succumbing to the disease. In Malaysia, more
                  daily conversations and in public life.   than 8,900 people have contracted COVID-19, with 124   practise  these  new  habits  to  create  a  safe
                                               deaths.                                      environment for everyone, advised Ang.
                  Life as we knew it changed overnight
                  on March 11, when the WHO officially   Governments began imposing varying levels of   “Currently there is no cure and even if there
                  classified the COVID-19 coronavirus   quarantines and lockdowns in a bid to stem the spread   was a vaccine, the virus can always mutate
                  infection as a pandemic - a worldwide   of the virus through social distancing.  to become more virulent. A vaccine can help
                  spread of a new disease.                                                  in prevention, but we cannot be sure how
                                               On  March  18, the  Malaysian  government  introduced   many will be immune to a more virulent
                                               Movement Control Order (MCO) in response to   strain of the virus,” he explained.
                                               COVID-19, which prohibited movement and mass   Given that some COVID-19 infected persons
                                               assembly nationwide. International and domestic   are  asymptomatic,  Ang  underlined  the
                                               travels were barred, and all government and private   importance of Malaysians  maintaining  the
                                               premises were closed, save for essential services.  necessary precautions of mask-wearing,
                                                                                            good hand hygiene and social distancing
                                               To date, the MCO has been extended five times, with   to protect others and themselves from
                                               the latest Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO)   the coronavirus. "Even more importantly,
                                               implemented from June 10 to August 31 - a “soft-  it is about safeguarding those who are
                                               landing” approach to safeguard the lives of Malaysians   immunocompromised, including the very
                                               as well as to gradually kickstart the nation’s economic   young and the elderly," said Ang.
                                                                                            Currently,  Sunway  Medical  Centre
                                               Under  the  RMCO,  Malaysia’s  economic,  social,   encourages prospective patients and visitors
                                               educational, and religious sectors were progressively   to fill up a simple online questionnaire
                                               reopened with the government continuing close   on their travel backgrounds and personal
                                               surveillance and monitoring of new COVID-19 cases.   health details on their mobile phones to
                                                                                            minimise time spent in physical queues at
                                               Interstate-travel restrictions have been relaxed under   the hospitals.
                                               the RMCO (see Page 14 & 15 on travel with confidence)
                                               but  international  borders  remain  closed  for  the  time   "Visitors are also required to scan QR codes
                                               being.                                       for contact tracing via the app developed
                                                                                            by the medical centre. Besides thermal
                                               With no vaccine in sight,                    cameras at the entrance of hospitals, AI
                                               COVID-19 will continue                       technology is in place to capture face mask
                                               to change the way        Looking at the      compliance within  the  hospital  premises.
                                               we live every day,     number of COVID-19                We have teleconsultation
                                               as we adopt “the    infected cases that the MOH          services and we are looking
                                               new normal” to     has published, people should have     at ways to expedite online
                                               avoid contracting   confidence to face the new normal    patient registrations and
                                               the virus.        without fear. However we should be     online appointments to
                                                                 vigilant and not let our guard down    avoid crowding in waiting
                                                                   until a safe, effective vaccine is   areas," said Ang.
                                                                  available, the protective practices
                                                                   that we have learned over the
                                                                     past few months continue                  Dr Ang Kong Hui,
                                                                         to protect us.                        Sunway Medical
                                                                                                                Centre, Clinical
                                                                                                                 Services COO

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