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                                          COLLABORATION WITH



                                               TO FIGHT COVID-19

                     Research institute housed at the Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Centre is at the forefront of the
                     UK’s research on COVID-19

                    n the global war against the COVID-19 pandemic, universities,   THE EPICENTRE OF CAMBRIDGE'S
                    pharmaceutical  firms,  research  institutes  and  government
                  Ilaboratories in more than 30 countries are in a race against time to  RESPONSE TO COVID-19
                  discover the vaccine for the deadly coronavirus.
                                                                        The JCBC brings under one roof the CITIID, the Wellcome-MRC Cambridge
                  As of June 9, the WHO reported that 10 candidate vaccines were in clinical   Stem Cell Institute and the Milner Therapeutics Institute, which allows
                  evaluation, or have commenced human testing trials, while another 126   greater  collaboration  between scientists  and  clinicians,  transforming
                  candidate vaccines are in pre-clinical valuation stage.  pioneering research into effective therapies.

                  Playing its part in the global vaccine hunt is the Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical   The three institutes are now collaborating intensely in tackling the
                  Centre (JCBC) at the Cambridge Biomedical Campus in the UK, the   COVID-19 threat.
                  largest biotech cluster outside the US.
                                                                        Home to the largest BSL (biosafety level 3) containment facility in the
                  The JCBC currently houses over 150 scientists and clinicians at the   UK, CITIID was established to study the relationship between infectious
                  Cambridge Institute of Therapeutic Immunology and Infectious Diseases   diseases and human immune systems. Having containment level 3
                  (CITIID), which is the University of Cambridge’s leading response team   facilities allows CITIID to work on lethal and dangerous pathogens such
                  against the pandemic.                                 as the coronavirus.
                  Opened in 2019, the JCBC is situated in a group of state-of-the-art   “The world is facing an unprecedented challenge, with potentially millions
                  laboratories and hospitals including the world-famous Laboratory of   of lives at risk, which is why over 150 of my colleagues at our new institute
                  Molecular Biology (16 Nobel Prizes), the Royal Papworth Hospital – the   are focusing their  expertise on  the fightback  against COVID-19,”  said
                  most illustrious Heart and Lung Hospital in Europe – and Addenbrooke’s   Professor Ken Smith, director of CITIID, in an official statement on the
                  Hospital.                                             University of Cambridge website.

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