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                                              When it comes to tending to the welfare   introduced self-declaration, temperature screening, use of
                                             of animals, work does not stop, not even   face masks, social distancing and frequent disinfection of
                                           during a pandemic.                 work areas to ensure good bio-security measures were in
                                                                              place. We practised safe distancing when travelling to work
                                        “On paper, a zookeeper’s job looks like most jobs   and back, changed out of our work boots before leaving the
                                         – eight hours a day, six days a week. However,  zoo, and bathed immediately upon arriving home before
                                         you  will  need  to  be  ready  to  respond  to  any  interacting with our loved ones,” she elaborated.
                                         situation within a moment’s notice – a birth,
                                         sickness, caring for the young – and it greatly  “We need to prepare food and feed the animals twice a day;
                                          varies by the different types of animal. Caring  clean their dens, exhibits and ponds and continue to attend
                                          for animals is a full-time job, whether it is a  meetings via teleconferencing to update colleagues on the
                                          holiday, weekend, or when you are away,” said   changes and progress during this period,” she said.
                                           Sunway Lagoon Wildlife Park veterinarian Dr
                                           Eve Foong.                         “The management has shown us appreciation during
                                                                              this  difficult  period.  I hope the  government,  Sunway  and
                        It will            On top of providing healthcare and veterinary   individuals  do  not  forget  about  the  other  animal  care
                      take a while          attention to the animals at the park, Foong   industries like animal sanctuaries, animal shelters and
                  before business returns   manages the day-to-day operations of the   conservation centres that need our urgent support,” said
                  to normal but in the short   wildlife park, supervises volunteer work,   Foong.
                 term, we will be looking at   and organises school educational tours. She
                domestic tourism. Some of the   also works closely with the Wildlife Department   Until a vaccine or cure is discovered, people will have to
                challenges include adapting to   (Perhilitan) on matters pertaining to compliance,   maintain social distancing and practice good hygiene.
                the new norm with a reduced   audit, licensing, and animal transfers.    “Continuous education is critical, as people tend to forget
                 visitor capacity to promote                                  easily. They must not be selfish, but rather, be mindful of
                  social distancing at the   During the MCO, Foong and her colleagues in   the new normal and continue to practice good hygiene and
                      wildlife park.     charge of the wildlife park’s upkeep and security   refuse places that do not follow or respect well-being of the
                                         continued to work as any other day – but with   community we live in,” she said.
                                         additional SOPs. “The company immediately
               Dr  Eve  Foong,  Sunway  Lagoon
               Wildlife Park Veterinarian


               Working in the hospitality industry, Sunway Clio Hotel guest   Tungli thanks his team leader who helped them work closely and efficiently
               relation executive Fendrilee Tungli’s daily priority is to make guests   during the MCO period. “I am also proud to work for a company that gives
               feel at home and have a memorable stay. This proved to be more   back to the community during this crisis. Since the MCO,
               challenging during the MCO when the hotel was gazetted as one   Sunway  Hotels  &  Resorts  has  embarked  on  several
               of the COVID-19 quarantine centres for returning Malaysians from   initiatives including donating personal hygiene amenities
               overseas.                                         to Sungai Buloh Hospital, hotels’ repurposed soaps under
                                                                      the Soapful initiative to juveniles, and pillows to
               “The biggest challenge I faced was working with           underprivileged families,” he said.
               colleagues  that  were  stressed  with  being front
               liners for the fear of getting infected. As a front   biggest challenges would   Sunway also provided ‘Stay Safe’ care
               liner, nothing is certain – including our health
                                                                              packs for hotel staff comprising
 1             smile and battle through each day with hope   be how to regain the trust of   while on front line duty.
                                                       forward, one of the
               and safety – but we had to stay positive with a
                                                                               face masks, vitamin C and hand
                                                                               sanitisers while a doctor
                                                                                and a counsellor from the
               and courage,” said Tungli.
                                                                                Ministry of Health also
                                                   travellers. I believe we can.
                                                                                visited to ensure staff
               While his job scope remained the same –
                                                   It will take time to go back
               ensuring hotel guests had a pleasant stay
                                                                                were not under duress
               during the 14-day quarantine period – there
                                                    to normal or even better
               were additional tasks such as a quicker check-
                                                                              “My  greatest  hope
               in process and daily calls to guests’ rooms to
               check on their  health condition,  and offer any
                                                                             is for a vaccine to be
               assistance.                               than before.”     found soon so that we
                                                                         can shake hands,
               With new safety measures and strict SOPs from the     hug and have a meal
               government and hotel management, these helped alleviate Tungli's   with family and friends.
               initial anxiety and to cope well in his workplace. “Most importantly,   But until then, practising
               we had to remain positive, and adhere to them strictly. We cannot   hygiene is my top priority.
               take anything for granted. I am thankful that I'm still able to go to
               work every day,” he said.                           Fendrilee Tungli, Sunway Clio
                                                                  Hotel Guest Relation Executive
                                                                                                 BERITA SUNWAY   |   JUL—SEP 2020   |  9
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