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Sunway PopBox is Now Pos Malaysia’s Official Partner

Sunway PopBox partners Pos Malaysia
Sunway City Kuala Lumpur,21 November 2019
  • The national courier has extended its smart collection points to Sunway PopBox
  • Pos Malaysia customers can now use Sunway PopBox as a delivery option starting today

Pos Malaysia has officially announced their partnership with Sunway PopBox, extending the national courier’s parcel delivery services across all Sunway PopBox locations.

Sunway PopBox is the first integrated smart locker service provider to officially partner with Pos Malaysia. Sunway PopBox offers a secure, self-service kiosk acting as delivery destinations for parcels instead of home or office addresses. 

Beginning December 1, Pos Malaysia customers can deliver parcels to their recipient’s preferred PopBox locker address at no additional cost. Once the parcel arrives at the PopBox locker, recipients will receive an SMS notification with a unique PIN code. They can then proceed to the locker and enter the unique and secure PIN code to collect their parcel(s) at their convenience. 

This new delivery option provides Pos Malaysia users in Klang Valley the convenience to pick up their packages at one of the 100 PopBox lockers at their preferred time. Each locker has 43 compartments. Compared to traditional locker services, PopBox smart lockers are placed at strategic areas and offer 24-hour access to users.

Pos Malaysia Berhad Group CEO Syed Md Najib Syed Md Noor said, “We are committed in delivering the best services and solutions to our customers, catering to the demands of the country’s booming e-commerce market. Our partnership with Sunway PopBox enhances our reach to new and existing Pos Malaysia customers, complementing our Pos Laju EziBox services which is currently available at any time of the day, across 170 locations nationwide, making us the biggest player in the market. We are actively seeking suitable business partners and expanding our touch points to boost our presence, elevate customer experience and growing our revenue by widening our customer base.” 

Pos Malaysia users are not subjected to service charges for delivery to PopBox location. To keep parcels secure, PopBox lockers are built to withstand harsh weather conditions and resist break-ins, and are equipped with CCTV surveillance cameras, providing each parcel safe storage until pick-up.

Sunway Group Executive Vice President Evan Cheah said that Sunway Popbox has now expanded to 100 lockers and they are easily available around strategic Klang Valley areas including malls, office buildings, apartments, and universities. Pos Malaysia users who opted for delivery to a Sunway PopBox locker can rest assure all parcels are safe, secure, and convenient for their recipients. The lockers operate on a 24-7-365 basis and recipients can collect their parcel anytime and anywhere.

“Sunway Group is a strong advocate for innovative and sustainable technology. The growth in e-commerce and fintech provide plenty of business opportunities for efficient long-term players like Sunway PopBox on parcel logistics and smart locker systems. This milestone of partnering with another long-term player like Pos Malaysia will certainly enhance Sunway PopBox’s aggressive expansion plans to provide Klang Valley, Seremban and Nilai residents with even more convenience. In the next two years, we will be looking to expanding our services into major cities such as Johor and Penang,” he added.  PopBox lockers in malls are available to the public, whereas those in private residential, offices and universities are limited to occupants and students only. Property managers who are interested to place PopBox lockers at their premises may send their queries and requests to You can discover the nearest locker by you at


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