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Sunway Presents a Gift of Rice to Its Community

Sunway Presents a Gift of Rice to Its Community
Sunway City Kuala Lumpur,28 May 2019
  • Sunway becomes the first corporation to install rice ATM in Klang Valley
  • Distributes 1,000 packets of bubur lambuk at Masjid Al-Husna
  • Aims to reach 11,520 Malaysians with #sunwayforgood Raya Cheer 2019

The month of Ramadhan has been a busy one for the Sunway Group as the Group’s 450 volunteers reach out to some 11,520 Malaysians that need the most aid. 

Today was another special day as a team of volunteers from Sunway City Kuala Lumpur, journeyed out to Masjid Al-Husna, a mosque nearby to share a gift of rice, a symbol of nourishment, health and life. 

The evening saw the master chefs of Sunway Resort Hotel rolling out a large pot of delicious bubur lambuk made with 63 kgs of rice, 63 litre of coconut milk, 20 kgs of beef and a select bouquet of herbs and spices at the Masjid Al-Husna. 

Sunway Group Deputy Chairman, Tan Sri Datuk Seri Razman Hashim led the “live cooking session,” stirring the bubbling pot and dishing its aromatic and nutritious fare to the community members who gathered at the mosque. About 1,000 people gathered at the mosque to receive the gift of nutrition that evening. 

The gift did not end just there as Tan Sri Razman unveiled Sunway’s second gift to the mosque – a unique rice ATM machine which dispenses rice to the most needful families in the community. 

Ustaz Alfian Izaz bin Abdul Halim, Masjid Al-Husna Senior Administrator, who received the gift said that it was indeed one of the most unique gifts that they have received for the community.

“Masjid Al-Husna has always been a shelter for the most needful in our community – the poorest, the least abled, the most troubled. With this blessing of the rice ATM machine by the Sunway Group, it means that we can reach out to even more members of our community who needs help the most. It is also our hope that with the unique rice ATM machine, our more blessed amongst the ummah will come forth with their sadaqa so that we will not have a single hungry person languishing in our community,” he said.  

The rice ATM will dispense two kgs of rice every Friday to 100 members of the community that has been selected for aid by the mosque. To collect the rice, the beneficiaries need to only tap a card on the machine which is issued by the mosque. Members of the public can donate to the needful in the community through the machine.

To start the mosque off, Sunway Group’s staff had equipped the machine with 1,500 kgs of rice, which will serve 100 families in the community. 

“We chose to install these unique rice ATM machines these year as they symbolize our wish to co-create a future with no one left behind with alongside our communities. By working together, we can work to uplift the lives of those who need help the most; so we can build a journey sustainably progressive nation that leaves no one behind, “ said Tan Sri Razman Hashim.

#sunwayforgood Raya Cheer 2019

Sunway Group is undertaking its biggest #sunwayforgood Raya Cheer initiative yet, as the Group aims to reach 11,520 Malaysians. This is the 18th year since Sunway Group has first started celebrating festive seasons with underserved groups who live in its surrounding communities. 

For the month-long #sunwayforgood Raya Cheer 2019 community outreach is held in partnership with various government agencies and NGOs to ensure that the beneficiaries of the #sunwayforgood Raya Cheer programme are those who need it the most. In total, the effort will involve more than 450 volunteers from the Sunway Group.

In all, the #sunwayforgood Raya Cheer 2019 project includes the distribution of 7,000 packets of bubur lambuk, installation of eight rice automated teller machines (ATM) with more than 8,000 kgs of rice, various iftar barakah sessions, and packed food distribution to the homeless for individuals and B40 groups spread across Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Perak, Penang and Johor, where Sunway Group has built, served, and remains as part of the communities. 

Partners of the project include state governments, NGOs and community centres including the Perak State Government, the Penang State Government, Yayasan Kebajikan Negara, Selangor Youth Community, Malaysia Red Crescent Society, Lembaga Zakat Selangor, Jabatan Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan and committee members of various mosques.


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