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Sunway Recognised for Digital Innovation and Technological Excellence at Prestigious ICT Awards

Sunway Recognised for Digital Innovation and Technological Excellence at Prestigious Ict Awards
Sunway City Kuala Lumpur,01 November 2022

Sunway has been announced as the winner of the ‘Outstanding User Organisation Award’ category, at the Asian-Oceanian Computing Industry Organisation (ASOCIO) ICT Excellence Awards 2022.

This prestigious award highlights Sunway’s exemplary leadership and contributions toward the development and application of technology, citing the Group’s smart use of information technology as strategic assets to drive innovation, implement highly efficient operations, and create positive social impact.

The award was presented by ASOCIO, a grouping of ICT industry associations from across the region. Established in 1984 with the goal to promote trade and foster relationships between economies, the organisation now represents national associations from 24 countries and territories with more than 10,000 ICT companies and covers approximately US$350 billion in IT-related revenue in the Asia-Oceania region.

Sunway’s entry in the awards was submitted by the National Tech Association of Malaysia (PIKOM), a member of ASOCIO which represents some 1,000 ICT companies and 80 percent of the local ICT industry. Sunway, through its various business divisions, is an active member of PIKOM.

The win is a recognition of Sunway’s long-held commitment to technology and digitalisation. The Group’s early appreciation for technology 22 years ago has resulted in a strong foundation for Sunway in its operations today.

With the adoption of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), workflow automation and a centralised data hub, the Group was able to grow and remain agile in an ever-changing and increasingly interconnected world.

This continued commitment and development towards technology eventually led to the establishment of Sunway Digital in 2018, advancing digital adoption and further integrating technology into business divisions throughout the Group.

This venture saw Sunway adopt a ‘Cloud First Strategy’, which helped the Group reduce infrastructure costs, while concurrently improving productivity by streamlining and automating processes. This approach has helped the Group remain responsive, greatly cushioning the impact and uncertainty brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Sunway Group Chief Information Officer Kevin Khoo said, “The award represents a significant milestone for Sunway in our digital journey and serves as a testament to the continuous progress that has been made by our teams and its members over the past two decades. From Robotic Cognitive Automation and Big Data to Data Analytics and Data Governance, we have since implemented a range of other digital initiatives to continuously improve productivity, optimise cost and enhance our customers’ user experience.

“Our commitment towards technological excellence and becoming a digital-powered conglomerate is line with Sunway’s goal of embracing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This has not only led to the significant reduction of our carbon footprint and energy use, but has also provided us with key data and insights that enabled us to make better and more educated decisions that will positively impact our communities.”


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