Investment & Financial Services

Investing In A Better Tomorrow

Sunway Investment & Financial Services looks into high-value investment possibilities, offering financial services as well as business solutions. These investments are done through our current investment arm – Sunway Ventures to build on services that further expands Sunway’s exercise to diversify its business portfolio.

Sunway Ventures’ diverse portfolio encompasses Sunway Super App, a loyalty programme; Sunway Money, an e-remittance service; Sunway SCF, an early payment programme for companies to gain capital; Sunway iLabs, a hub to foster entrepreneurship and innovations; Sunway PopBox, an automated parcel locker for online shoppers; and lastly, Sunway Multicare Pharmacy, a pharmacy retail chain under Sunway Group.

Investment & Financial Services

A Visionary Business

Looks into high-value investment possibilities



Offers financial services, business solutions and investment possibilities

Investment & Financial Services

Investment Portfolio

  • Sunway Super App
  • Sunway Money
  • Sunway SCF
  • Sunway iLabs
  • Sunway PopBox
  • Sunway Multicare Pharmacy