Sunway Group Procurement

Introduction :

Sunway Group Procurement Management is to provide quality products and services in a timely manner to procurement customers and suppliers through variety of practices and tools which supported the procurement overall mission that include engaging in adopting the Procurement Systems, value-adding Sourcing Services, enhancing our processes..etc.

Our working model is based on the combination of Center-Led and decentralisation organisation structure approach.

Our key focus areas are in the following commodity items :

  • Common Items Supplies
  • Buildings Materials
  • Information Technology
  • Hospitality
  • Facility Management

Our Vision and Mission Statement :

Vision Statement
Contribute to the Group’s growth and profitability via management of the supply chain

Mission Statement
To provide professional support to all business untis by :

  • Optimizing competitiveness through economies of scale
  • Continuous improvement through the use of latest tools and processes
  • Leveraging on the technical expertise of the business units
  • Establishing cost indices for competitiveness analysis
  • Continuously enhancing market intelligence within all business units
  • Optimizing financial status of business units by leveraging on Group’s stability and support


  • To deploy expertise to buy at the best price through strategic sourcing and rationalizing supply base
  • To promote transparency in the procurement process
  • To develop reliable and effective sources of supply
  • To support the Organization with an uninterrupted flow of materials and services

Key Strategies

  • Category Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Talent Development & Management
  • Communications, Collaboration and Commitment
  • e-Procurement tools development
  • Performance Management