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Sunway’s ‘Back to School’ programme gives underprivileged students the right tools to attend school

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  • Sunway Group’s ‘Back to School’ programme gave out school supplies to 850 students in SMK Bandar Sunway and SK Bandar Sunway, its adopted schools, as part of its pledge to #SunwayForGood
#SunwayForGood – Sunway's back-to-school!

Our #SunwayForGood initiatives are at the core of everything we do. As part of it, we organised a back-to-school programme, aligned with United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4: Quality Education – by contributing 850 packages to students of SK and SMK Bandar Sunway [ Official ]. It was a gratifying moment for us to be able to put a smile on the faces of these kids and ensure they start the year well at school. Check out the highlights here. 🙂

Posted by Sunway Group on Selasa, 13 Mac 2018

Poverty is the reality for nearly all children who live in low-cost flats in Kuala Lumpur, according to a survey by Unicef Malaysia.

Closer to home, a recent survey conducted by the Sunway Group showed that families who sent their children to SK Bandar Sunway and SMK Bandar Sunway fall under the B40 classification (median household monthly income of RM3,000) where 63% of the families whose children are studying at these schools have a monthly household income below RM2,000.

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Equipped For Success
Sunway volunteers distributing school supplies to students of SK Bandar Sunway and SMK Bandar Sunway

In line with Sunway’s pledge to #SunwayForGood, Sunway Group sought to bridge the gap in education inequity through the Sunway ‘Back to School’ programme this year.

Through the initiative, almost 850 students from the two schools received school uniforms, school shoes, school bags, water bottles, and track bottoms to start them off on the right track for the new schooling year.

Equipped For Success
From left to right: Pn Ruslina binti Mohd Yunus, Headmistress of SK Bandar Sunway; Ms Jane Poh, Senior General Manager, Sunway Group Brand Marketing and Communications; Mr Bernard Paul, Assistant General Manager, CSR and Events, Sunway Group Brand Marketing and Communications; and Pn Haniza binti Mohd Jabar @ Ibrahim, Principal of SMK Bandar Sunway

“These supplies will go a long way in relieving parents of the financial commitment required to purchase school necessities. We hope this will boost the confidence of our students, improve school attendance and allow them to reach their full potential on various activities without worrying about the lack of proper equipment,” said Pn Haniza Mohd Jabar @ Ibrahim, Principal of SMK Bandar Sunway.

Since adopting SMK Bandar Sunway in 1995 and subsequently, SK Bandar Sunway, Sunway Group has contributed more than RM4 million in total to both schools through construction, paint and repair works.

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