Four Ways to Save the Planet – and Your Wallet!

  • Close-up shot of harvest at Sunway XFarms
  • Have you ever wondered if one can truly embrace sustainability while saving cost? By reducing energy consumption, waste management and resource conservation – we most certainly can!

We have heard the old adage of having to ‘save for a rainy day’, and in recent times, there seem to be plenty of dark clouds ahead. The World Economic Forum reports that 56% of economists expect the global economy to weaken in the coming year – as economic activity remains slow and geopolitical tensions grow.

Closer to home, wallets continue to tighten in the face of rising inflation as the increase of sales and services tax (SST) from 6% to 8% will inevitably lead to a rise in prices of goods.

However, one thing is certain: embracing sustainable practices can lead to better cost savings. Here’s how.

Drive less, save more

Electronic vehicles (EVs) are starting to take over the automobile landscape, but most of the world’s transport is still fossil-fuel powered. Many of us are heavily dependent on our vehicles to commute, but we should also take a pause to reconsider how that affects the environment – and our wallets.

Wide-shot of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) at Sunway City Kuala Lumpur

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) at Sunway City Kuala Lumpur.

Try reducing your reliance on driving short distances to lessen the need to fuel up as much as you normally would. Carpool or use public transport where you can, to reduce your carbon footprint. Although taking the train or bus can seem unfamiliar at first, it is simply about getting used to the routine – and commuting on foot can also improve your overall cardiovascular health in the long run.

Evening shot of Sunway City Kuala Lumpur featuring Sunway Resort Hotel

Moving around a township such as SCKL is seamless, with multiple options for commuting and sheltered walkways.

Townships such as Sunway City Kuala Lumpur (SCKL) are built with their people in mind. As a model smart sustainable city, SCKL is invested in mobility and self-sufficiency, making it an exemplary 15-minute city that allows its occupants to live, work and play in a connected and healthy environment.

With shaded walkways that double as renewable energy catalysts via its solar panelled roofing, and its very own Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) for places that require longer travelling time, there are many ways to take care of both your ringgit and the environment in SCKL!

Rethink and Reduce

Did you know that Malaysians dispose 30,000 tonnes of municipal solid waste every day – with food waste contributing to a significant amount? This can be mitigated by ensuring that you eat only what you need, and refrain from overspending on items that end up in the trash.

Stock image of meal prep

Plan your shopping lists ahead and meal prep to save further cost.

Plan your shopping lists ahead of your trip to the grocery store or try meal prepping for the week to prevent throwing out leftovers every other day. This way, you will have sufficient food to eat, and spend lesser on food that you do not consume.

To combat the issue of food waste and to encourage our community to be more mindful of their eating habits, we have invested in food compost machines at Sunway Pyramid and Sunway Hotels to convert food waste collected from our tenants and business divisions into compost.

The initiative, aptly named ‘Compost. Plant. Reduce.’ or CPR, revives what is considered as rubbish into bags of compost that members of the public can take home for gardening and planting purposes.

Compost machine in SCKL

The compost machine deployed in SCKL transforms food waste from tenants into useful compost.

Go and Grow Local

Planning a trip overseas is always a thrilling experience, but have you considered cuti-cuti Malaysia for your next trip? There is much to discover and enjoy in our own backyard – rolling hills, beautiful beaches and culinary delights around every corner!

Wide shot of The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat

The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat at Sunway City Ipoh.

Save on your expenses by planning your next adventure locally and do your part in supporting local businesses. Plan a road trip with your loved ones to Ipoh for a food fest! Drop by Jeff’s Cellar at The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat for an extraordinary dining experience, or even take a dip in the surf pool at Sunway Lagoon as a respite from the heat – the opportunities are endless.

Mid shot of Sunway employee at Sunway XFarms

Get your greens locally, or even better – grow your own!

Urban farming is also something you can consider choose to purchase locally grown produce. Sunway XFarms has an array of freshly grown produce that you can buy, as well as starter kits for you to try your hand at planting your own veggies. There is no better feeling than eating healthy food sources that are home grown, while saving money!

Protecting Resources

A leaking tap may seem like a minor inconvenience, but this can lead to massive water wastage, adding a dent to your wallet. Did you know that a dripping tap can leak 10 drops of water each minute, which could add up to 90 litres or more over a month?

Make sure to turn off your taps tightly and check for leaks. Switch to low-flow showerheads, consider dual-flush toilets and practice mindful usage of water. Malaysia is blessed with abundant amounts of rainfall, and this can be leveraged by collecting rainwater for gardening or household chores – instead of relying on large amounts of tap water.

Wide shot of water treatment plant in Sunway South Quay

The water treatment plant in Sunway South Quay ensures no drop goes to waste.

SCKL takes these sustainable measures to a group-wide level by deploying a water treatment plant at the South Quay Lake that recycles and treats the lake water to be used across the township. All of Sunway’s properties receive its water from this very plant, which reduces our reliance on municipal water supply by nearly 30%.

Though these steps may seem modest, they can lead to much bigger impacts in the long run. A little does go a long way in our efforts to save cost and the environment Remember to embrace sustainable practices today to enjoy the fruits of our labour tomorrow!


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