Closing The Education Gap

Sunway Education Group pledges RM1mil in scholarships to TFM students
  • Closing The Education Gap
  • Sunway Education Group pledges RM1 million in scholarship to Teach For Malaysia Students.
  • The scholarship will provide students the opportunity to pursue tertiary education at Sunway College and Sunway University.
  • The scholarship includes full tuition fees, all general feels, and the course of the students’ studies throughout their education.

Quality education is one of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with one of the targets being “ensuring equal access for all women and men to affordable and quality technical, vocational and tertiary education, including university” by the year 2030.

In keeping with this SDG, the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation recently pledged RM1 million in scholarships to support students nurtured by Teach For Malaysia (TFM), an independent not-for-profit organisation that seeks to empower the nation via education.

The scholarship, which provides students the opportunity to pursue tertiary education at Sunway College and Sunway University, will include full tuition fees, all general fees and covers the course of the students’ studies from foundation year, certificate, diploma and right up to a bachelor’s degree programme.

“Taking the partnership a step further, opportunities will be created for deserving and underprivileged students to pursue quality education and help close the post-secondary gap.”
– DR ELIZABETH LEE, Senior Executive Director, Sunway Education Group and Sunway University –

Since signing a corporate partnership with TFM in 2012, the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation has contributed RM450,000 to assist TFM in its mission of reducing the gap of secondary school education inequity between rural and urban schools.

The Jeffrey Cheah Foundation provides scholarships and awards to deserving students. As of 2017, a total of RM330 million has been disbursed through scholarships, and counting.


This article first appeared in Berita Sunway Issue 60

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