Scholars Today, Nation Builders Tomorrow

Part four of our four-part weekly Sunway Stories series
  • Scholars Today, Nation Builders Tomorrow
  • While our efforts are always aimed at building a better future for youths, we cannot do it alone. Sunway Education Group, through the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation and its scholarships, hopes to empower youths for a better future for Malaysia.
  • Through this four-part weekly series, we will listen in on uplifting stories from our very own Sunway University talents and how they are contributing to nation in their own inspiring ways.

This four-part weekly series will highlight some of our brightest students who were trendsetters and groundbreakers during their time at university, and have now gone on to play a part in government agencies, carrying the torch in nation building and our country to a greater future.

The Special Officer

“In one word – joyous,” described William upon hearing that he would be a Ministry of Education scholarship recipient.

With the aid of the Ministry of Education (MoE) in 2012, William commenced his educational journey at Sunway College, joining the esteemed A-levels programme. He was also given an accommodation at Sunway Monash Residence and got to enjoy life on campus.

While his Sunway College life was filled with memories of sports, extra-curricular activities and garlic chicken rice, he recalls one particular moment that stands out – a figurative “wake-up” call from his lecturer – Ms. Esther Soh.

“It was right before our A-levels trials, and she gave us a good scolding because of our unsatisfactory assignment. I cannot recall her exact words, but it goes along the lines of being half-baked and effortless. I took a while to reflect on my studies, and I had clearly gotten complacent over the years. It was her words that pushed us to achieve our best,” said William.

In the end, William scored three A*s and one A for his A-levels.

William alongside his A-Levels classmates during graduation.

As a recipient of the MoE scholarship, William continued his undergraduate degree in Economics at the University College London with the financial aid of the Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA) Scholarship.

“Thanks to the MOE Scholarship, I got to stay on campus and learnt how to be independent. Through that, it prepared me to adjust in the UK better for my undergraduate as I learned how to manage my time between studying and doing daily chores while living away from my family,” explained William.

He further described his time in London as “an experience to behold.”

“The chance I got in University College London was amazing! Braving the cold breeze of London and waltzing through the farmer’s market; buying burgers and apple juice was truly something different,” described William

He was also highly involved in extra-curricular activities during his time there. Most notably, he acted as Content Director of the Malaysian Public Policy Competition (MPPC) 2015, organised by the International Council of Malaysian Scholars & Associates (ICMS).

“I truly learnt about leadership and how to manage people during this event as everyone was working remotely from the UK and Malaysia. Initially, the team was unresponsive, thus making it difficult to congregate team members. Despite all the miscommunication, no-sleep for 3 days prior to the event, and attempting to influence my team members to coordinate with each other; the event was a success,” described William.

He graduated with Upper Second Class Honours (2:1) standing for his degree.

William is currently a Special Officer at the Ministry of Finance Malaysia. His duties include running special projects, managing meetings, producing notes, crafting out speaking points, as well as liaising and coordinating with all stakeholders for his superior.

“The experience is eye-opening, especially for someone coming from the private sector. I get to learn first-hand on how a public policy is crafted and executed within the Government. For me to work in the Finance Minister’s office is a privilege as I get to work alongside some of the most diligent and dependable colleagues. While there are certainly challenges, it takes someone to be in the system to fully grasp the issues that the Ministry faces. Hence, the experience here deepens my appreciation for the civil service in general,” said William.

William hopes that his efforts, whether big or small, can lead to a brighter future for Malaysia.

“Being in the Ministry of Finance, we have a strong influence on how certain projects are run and how allocation can be utilised. I hope I will be able to be part of the team that lays the foundation for a better Government and a better Malaysia, through these projects,” concluded William.

Light bearers to a new Malaysia

A wise man once said that “it is the minds of youths – imaginative, wild, out-of-the-box, that will transform society.”

This is the final episode of our four-part Sunway Stories weekly series featuring a few of our Sunway University graduates that have gone on and made Malaysia a better place, whether through their careers, charitable efforts, participation for a cause, or even simply being good to someone. They have not only become productive persons for society, but can also change, lead, follow, learn and love.

Sunway Education Group, through its JCF scholarships, aims to continuously support the government and Malaysia in sustaining the talent pipeline for Malaysia’s future, in addition to lending a helping hand to these brilliant students and providing them the platform to make Malaysia excel.займ благовещенскзайм на карту быстро без процентовбеспроцентный займ на месяц


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