Bringing More Than 10,000 Smiles with #SunwayforGood Deepavali Cheer

  • Bringing More Than 10,000 Smiles with #SunwayforGood Deepavali Cheer
  • In our endeavour to bring goodwill and joy to families in the B40 income-group, we offered food aid to B40 ­­beneficiaries across Klang Valley, Perak and Johor via our #SunwayforGood Deepavali Cheer initiative.   

The #SunwayforGood Deepavali Cheer initiative is part of our ongoing #SunwayforGood Food Bank programme aimed at ending hunger through grocery donation drive. Targeting B40 families of diverse races where sole breadwinners have lost their sources of income amid the COVID-19 pandemic, 10,155 beneficiaries across Klang Valley, Perak and Johor have benefitted from the grocery relief this Deepavali.

Of the total beneficiaries, 4,605 are based in the Klang Valley, 1,260 in Perak and 4,290 in Johor.

deepavali cheer

For the Klang Valley region, our largest corporate sponsor, FFM Berhad generously donated 5,089.2 kilograms of food products from their brands, namely Massimo, Blue Key Flour, Meadow Fresh, V-soy, Marina and Karts Food Malaysia. Divided into three batches, the supplies were collected by our NGO partners, the Development of Human Resources for Rural Areas Malaysia (DHRRA Malaysia), the Food Aid Foundation and The Lost Food Project from FFM Berhad’s warehouse in Sungai Buloh before being distributed  to their respective beneficiaries.

In Johor and Perak, we collaborated with The National Committee for Community Services & Health Malaysian Red Crescent to reach out to families in need.

Contributing with care

According to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)-UNICEF study conducted in May 2020, one in four heads of households were unemployed during the movement control order (MCO), and that most of those who lost their jobs were without employment protection.

Earlier studies by UNICEF also revealed that lower-income families had been struggling to cope, with families earning incomes of below RM5,000 forced to consume less food despite spending more money on it.

“Putting food on tables is vital during this challenging period, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It also brings some goodwill to the B40 families who need not worry about going hungry during Deepavali, so they can celebrate in a true Malaysian spirit,” said Sunway Group deputy executive chairman Tan Sri Datuk Seri Razman M. Hashim

Over 30,000 kilograms of grocery donation have been collected to date through our #SunwayforGood Food Bank that was open for public contribution.

The initiative is in line with our commitment to advance the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, namely Goal 2: Zero Hunger, which focuses on solving global food security issues.

Sparking hope

Complementing the #SunwayforGood Deepavali Cheer initiative is a specially made video titled “Light of Hope” which highlights the significance of togetherness, joy, giving, sharing and unity inspired by the true story of Malarvelli’s family, one of the beneficiaries of #SunwayforGood Food Bank programme. The video depicts the struggles and hardships confronting thousands of B40 Malaysian families particularly those who lost their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the help and support from his wife and daughter, he had to resort to selling homemade muruku, coconut candy and jalebi. His efforts were futile as people were not keen to buy his goods. But all hope was not lost as they received grocery assistance via the #SunwayforGood Food Bank programme.

You too can play a part in bringing a smile to those in need. Head to the nearest participating Sunway malls to donate ideally halal foods, including bulk or dry goods, beverages, canned food, cooking essentials, herbs and spices as well as personal hygiene products. You can also opt for a contactless contribution via Sunway Pals’ Pals for Life mobile app.

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