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Embracing The Spectrum of Change

By TAN SRI DATUK SERI RAZMAN M. HASHIM Deputy Chairman, Sunway Group
  • Embracing The Spectrum of Change
Business Society
  • The launch of the Jeffrey Sachs Center on Sustainable Development at Sunway University.
  • Establishing Sunway City township into a model smart city of the 21st century via the deeper integration of innovation and technology.

As creatures of habit, human beings are naturally resistant to change. But in a world of disruptive innovation and unpredictable challenges, it is imperative for us to embrace, and lead sustainable change in order to progress and stay relevant.

Over the past 42 years, Sunway, under the tutelage of our visionary founder and chairman Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr Jeffrey Cheah AO, has achieved significant milestones – steadily evolving from a tin mining company into a sprawling conglomerate engaged in 12 industries.

Our master reinvention of turning a wasteland into a wonderland here at Sunway City is a remarkable one, but we do not want to rest on our laurels; we want to scale even greater heights and impact more lives.

Coming into effect last year, the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) provided clear guidelines for countries to adopt to face the most pressing challenges of the world at large, including climate change, poverty and conflict.

Simply put, sustainable development is about making the right choices today. To improve lives in a sustainable way for future generations.

The launch of the Jeffrey Sachs Center on Sustainable Development at Sunway University last year is yet another example of how Sunway is making an impact beyond Malaysian shores. The centre will foster collaboration towards achieving the SDGs by promoting integrated approaches to the interconnected economic, environmental, and social challenges confronting the world.

In another example of our commitment to sustainable development, we are currently establishing our integrated Sunway City township into a model smart city of the 21st century via the deeper integration of innovation and technology.

In May 2017, we launched the Sunway Innovation Labs (iLabs) which aims to foster entrepreneurship and stimulate market-driven innovations. With the establishment of iLabs, we look forward to an outpouring of ideas that will help elevate Sunway City as a digital hub via the implementation of digital solutions and applications that are sustainable.

On the environmental front, we embarked on a 5-year journey in 2013 to make all Sunway-owned buildings within Sunway City 100% smoke-free. By 2018, the implementation of the smoke-free township will free an estimated 200,000 residents, including 40,000 students, from the harmful effects of cigarette smoke.

We have restored what was once a wasteland, into a balanced ecosystem boasting more than 150 species of flora and fauna within the township. Moving forward, we will continue to operate in an even more sustainable manner to protect our part of the planet.

Sunway has made conscientious efforts towards social equality by constantly supporting and working alongside charitable bodies. We will continue to seek to make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged in our social responsibility initiatives.

With a 15,000-strong team operating across 50 locations worldwide, I hope that together as ambassadors of sustainability in Sunway, we can create a greater impact for the nation, mother Earth and society through sustainable changes.

Our commitment to sustainability development will only be lip service if we do not make a conscious effort to practise sustainable living by making changes in our lifestyle, and managing our resources more efficiently.

If we want to make our community, and our world, a better place to live in, the change has to start with us. We hope that our efforts towards sustainability will create ripples of change that spur people to contribute towards shaping a sustainable future for all.


This article first appeared in Berita Sunway Issue 59

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