The Ultimate Family Vacay Guide

  • A family of four at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park
  • Craving for a break to de-stress and relax with your loved ones? Treat yourselves to a spontaneous getaway!
  • Whether it’s spending quality family time in shopping malls or seizing fantastic deals for your escapades, discover how you can create lasting memories anytime, anywhere.

There’s always time for a spontaneous getaway with your loved ones!

For those in search of an unforgettable family holiday, a getaway with friends, or a solo adventure, you’ve arrived at the right place. Join us as we unveil the ultimate travel guide, catering to both global and local escapades.

A wide shot of Sunway Pharmacy at Sunway Pyramid

From internal well-being to last-minute skincare runs, Sunway Multicare Pharmacy’s got you covered!

1. Sunway Multicare Pharmacy: Your travel health companion.

Who doesn’t love exploring new places and indulging in delicious gastronomic adventures? But let’s not overlook how constant movement can take a toll on our physical well-being, especially when navigating unfamiliar terrains.

It is crucial to stock up on essential vitamins and emergency medications to ensure we are well-prepared for any unforeseen circumstances. Sunway Multicare Pharmacy is the ideal go-to for all your pre-trip needs. Whether it’s supplements and medical equipment for your internal well-being or last-minute skincare essentials and personal care items, Sunway Multicare Pharmacy is committed to ensuring your worry-free travels.

A wide shot of Sunway Resort Hotel

Consider bundling your Sunway Lagoon experience with a stay at Sunway Resort Hotel for a seamless and enjoyable holiday

2. Stay and Play at Sunway City Kuala Lumpur

Immerse yourself in a day of fun and refreshment at Sunway Lagoon, where you splash away the heat and unwind with top-notch facilities at Sunway Resort Hotel. Secure your spot with your family in advance to plan your holiday, steering clear from any last-minute disappointments due to sold-out slots.

For savvy travellers, here’s a golden tip: seize the opportunity to snag the best deals for you and your loved ones online. Don’t miss out on the chance to make your family getaway memorable and wallet-friendly!

Stock image of coins in a glass container

Plan your expenditures in advance so that you curb impulse spending and ensure that your holiday memories are cherished without any financial hangovers

3. Setting a Holiday Budget

As you revel in your holiday, the excitement of shopping may be hard to resist. To ensure you return home with joyful smiles instead of unexpected financial surprises, it’s wise to establish a budget before embarking on your adventure.

Remember not to put all your eggs in one basket – consider carrying a backup card and keeping emergency cash or opt for a cashless approach. By diversifying your options, you will be prepared for any unexpected twists, ensuring a smooth and stress-free holiday experience.

Candid image of a family at the entrance of Sunway Pyramid

Every corner of Sunway Pyramid becomes a canvas for creating priceless memories

4. Money doesn’t buy happiness, memories do!

Embrace the joy of simple pleasures by exploring activities that won’t put a dent in your wallet!

Take a leisurely stroll at your nearest Sunway Malls, where the holiday spirit comes alive through enchanting festive décor. Window shop and immerse yourself in the cheerful atmosphere while giving everyone the opportunity to soak in the delightful ambiance with fun activities from skating to bowling and savouring delectable delights to satisfy every craving.

Stock image of Ipoh Street at Sunway Lost World of Tambun

Step outside, embrace the beauty of Malaysia, and indulge in the wealth of experiences that await you

5. Discover the Charms of Malaysia

With rich resources, diverse landscapes, and a plethora of new experiences waiting to be explored, Malaysia truly is a treasure trove.

Perak is a region filled with local delights and captivating spots. The city of Ipoh, that hosts Sunway Lost World of Tambun, is celebrated for its charming British colonial-era architecture and a culinary scene that will leave your taste buds in awe.

After exploring the charms of the city, unwind at Sunway Lost World Hotel, a perfect retreat to relish a cup of our renowned local specialties – the Lost World Ipoh White Coffee and Lost World Ipoh Silky Milk Tea. More than a beverage; these cuppas provide the unique flavours that define Ipoh’s identity.

Wide shot of Sunway City Kuala Lumpur

Now equipped with the essentials and a thoroughly outlined plan, it’s time to create new, memorable memories.

May your family travels be filled with joy, and delightful discoveries!


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