At Sunway, our passion for what we do revolves around people and impacts many lives in extraordinary ways. We will continue to lead with passion and excel in our endeavours.

Sunway managers conference 2014

Leading with Passion is a credo all Sunway businesses subscribe to. We aspire to sustain our leadership positions in the various industries we are in, while inspiring passion in our people. Passion is an inherent value deeply entrenched in our organisational culture.

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Passion for Leadership is substantiated and defined by a set of Sunway Leadership Criteria which drives both our businesses and employees. With a passion for excellence, we remain committed to leading and developing People, which we regard as our most important asset.

We also place emphasis on interpersonal skills and integrity to create an environment of mutual trust and respect. Above all, we passionately endeavour to promote innovative and strategic thinking among our people in delivering customer-focused and value-added products and services.

The credo further underscores Sunway’s commitment to building communities and articulates the common purpose of enriching lives.