~Record high amount from the Foundation, bringing the total amount of scholarships disbursed to RM402million~


Sunway City, 12 October 2018 – The Jeffrey Cheah Foundation (JCF) disbursed RM72 million worth of scholarships today to more than 3,000 deserving students this year, its highest scholarship disbursement amount since its inception in 2011 at the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation Scholarship and Award Ceremony 2018 at Sunway College.

This year’s scholarship awards bring the total amount awarded to RM 402 million to date.

The JCF was launched as the first-of-its-kind, not-for-profit foundation in 2010, with Sunway Group founder and chairman Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr Jeffrey Cheah gifting his equity in all of Sunway Education Group’s 16 educational institutions to the Foundation.

The gift was valued at RM720 million then, and is worth over RM1 billion today. The JCF, which is governed by an independent board of trustees, is now Malaysia’s largest education-focused social enterprise.

Deputy Minister of Women, Family and Community Development YB Hannah Yeoh commended Founding Trustee of JCF, Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah’s efforts to make quality education accessible and affordable.

“Sustainability encompasses not just addressing environmental concerns. It is imperative that we help establish progressive, prosperous and vibrant communities. For ultimately, sustainability is about people – the well-being of our communities, our families, our societies.”

“This is something that Tan Sri Jeffrey understands very well. He has consistently affirmed his belief that education offers the optimum route out of poverty, and that an educated populace is one that can maximise its potential. Tan Sri Jeffrey has committed to making quality education accessible and affordable. I commend the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation for its outstanding efforts in providing the right opportunity for our younger generations.”

To the scholarship recipients she advised, “I hope that you will learn not just the skills that are important to your future, but also the values that will help shape your character. They say that character is destiny, and character is shaped by the values you adopt during your time on campus.”

Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah exhorted the graduates to live for a higher purpose. “It is my hope that you will make full use of this opportunity. And I trust that when you graduate, you will leave campus not just with a scroll in hand but also with a commitment in heart to give back to society,” he said.

He added that education was close to his heart as it provides a route out of poverty, and it is his goal to disburse more than RM 1 billion worth of scholarships in his lifetime.

Some of JCF’s key initiatives this year were the establishment of a Scholars-in-Residence programme with the University of Cambridge to allow Sunway University’s faculty to be trained at the University of Cambridge, to the establishment of the Oxford-Jeffrey Cheah Graduate Scholarship which gives opportunities for Malaysian youths to further their studies in the University of Oxford. The JCF also hosts a number of Jeffrey Cheah Distinguished Speaker Series public talks by world-renowned experts and Nobel laureates.

Since 2017, the JCF-governed Sunway University has started building a complete entrepreneurship ecosystem within Sunway City, with a non-profit incubator and accelerator Sunway iLabs as its anchor for students and entrepreneurs. These programmes have benefitted some 7,000 people and Sunway iLabs has 25 startups in incubation.  Most recently, Sunway iLabs has tied-up with the University of California, Berkeley and launched a Makerspace in Sunway University